With a strong academic and professional experience in the study and management of the marine environment, in particular on marine protected areas, we are now working with private or public organizations on a variety of scientific projects.

Our skills

  • Carry out field campaigns: different scientific protocols are implemented. We are certified scientific divers.
  • Analyze data: spreadsheet, statistics, GIS mapping
  • Conciliation: facilitating meetings between actors from different backgrounds around a common project
  • Project coordination: search for funding, budget evaluation, development of collaboration, coordination of actions between partners
  • Popularise and communicate the results to the relevant stakeholders


Reduction of plastic waste on the coast

More informations

Nostra Mar is involved in different projects:

  • Removal and disposal of fishing gear lost at sea (RECUPMED): Nostra Mar collaborated to the inventory of the different fishing gears lost at sea on the coast of Occitania carried out by Palana Environnement. With the help of the Ghost Med protocol developed by the Institute of Oceanography of Marseille (MOI), we were able to assess the impact of lost fishing gear in order to help managers of protected areas to make the decision to remove them or not.
  • Ecological monitoring of artificial reefs in the Pyrénées-Orientales, project led by CEFREM
  • Release of silver eels on the Mediterranean coast, a project led by Seaneo and the University of Perpignan. The European eel Anguilla anguilla has seen its stock decline drastically in recent years. Thus, following a European regulation, a release of silver eels is organized during the period of devaluation with fishermen.