Like Commander Cousteau, we are convinced that marine environmental education plays a key role in protecting the environment. By “jumping into the water,” we marvel at the sea and create indelible memories that will potentially make us want to protect marine biodiversity even more!

In addition to the snorkeling trips organised in the summer, Nostra Mar carries out educational projects all year round with primary, middle and high schools. Active pedagogy is encouraged. The projects generally aim to:

  • Increase awareness of marine biodiversity and marine protected areas,
  • Allow the appropriation of the marine environment. This appropriation involves mobilising the senses (sight, contact with water in particular) and facilitating access to the sea, which allow a guided snorkeling trip,
  • To promote environmentally friendly behaviours.

Are you a teacher? A holiday centre or leisure centre manager? In charge of a youth centre? Contact us so that we can create your educational project together! All formats are possible: from a half-day to a stay of several days.
Nostra Mar is part of Tram’66, the environmental education network of the Pyrénées-Orientales, and of the dynamique Sortir, which promotes education in nature as much as possible. Let’s go out and marvel at nature!

Educational projects carried out by Nostra Mar