We have known each other for quite a while, the sea and I… After graduating with a Master’s degree in biodiversity and sustainable development, I’ve worked for a few years on marine environmental studies and management projects, such as marine protected areas. As a scientific diver, I work as an environmental consultant for public and private entities. As a diving instructor, I love sharing my passion for sea and science with the general public through snorkeling, diving and free-diving.

I would like to thank the people really helping me developing Nostra Mar, especially:

  • Marc Besson for creating the website
  • Alexis Bernardi for the logo conception
  • TThomas Vignaud for allowing me to use his pictures of the Mediterranean flora, fauna and sceneries (
  • Nanuk Sourek for helping every day

And all the people who contributed at the KissKissBankBank crowdfunding project!