Marine, your naturalist guide

Since she was little, Marine (on the left on the picture!) wants to learn about the marine environment, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean. Scubadiving, body-board, freediving… She explores the sea, while becoming aware of its fragility. After graduating with a Master’s degree in biodiversity and sustainable development, Marine worked a few years on marine environmental studies and management projects, such as marine protected areas. Over time, she’s convinced that environmental awareness is a must to protect the marine environment. And awareness necessarily goes through knowing the sea better and familiarizing with it. So, in 2018, she created Nostra Mar.

Our actions

  • Environmental awareness and education for general public
  • Teaching snorkeling/scubadiving/freediving
  • Studying the marine environment: collecting and analyzing scientific data

Nostra Mar thanks

  • Thomas Vignaud, Kévin Peyrusse and Marta Sostres from SEDNA Expeditions for the free use of their photos and the realization of the video teaser
  • Nanouk Illustrations for painting our minibus
  • Nanuk Sourek for his beautiful educational ideas
  • Alexis Bernardi for the logo conception

And all the people who contributed to the Kisskissbankbank crowdfunding:

Alice & Pierre . Lolo sous l’eau . Anais . Alex & Laeti . Mimi . Andrea & Jeff . Aurélie . Dimitri . Nelly . Mathieu & Price . Jen & Nico . Nanuk . Gaelle & Nazim . la famille ch’ti . Florence & Alain . Thomas & Marie . Vân-Ly . Léa Mathias Lou . Pascal & Marie-José . Justine . Annie et Gilles . Gilles . CrisMu les grenouilles . Christophe L . Virginie . Guillem . Pierre B . Jacques . Matt & Lysa . Les Degorce . Maddi-Francesca . Melinda . Morgan . Armi Diver . Salicorne . Pascal & Michelle . Jordan . Cécile . Mamie . Philippe . Xavier . Pierre A . Matthieu le pianiste . Marine . Adèle A . Kevin . Christophe Céline Kiara . Auriane . DanetNath . Les flamands roses . Zoé . Laurence . Jef les petits fruits . Tom-Tom . Laura des Charentes . Sophie & Alain . Julien . François & Thierry . Didier . Mohsen . Les Bouzoukis . Barret . Marion . Guillaume . Solenne . Adele B . John . Clarisse . Marie-Caroline . Cec & Tine . Mahe Caro Nalu . Capitaine . Marie & Boubou . Anne-Marie . Carole . Brocheton . Gérard & Laurence . Jean-Pierre . Patrick & Béatrice . Margaux & Ninon . Marie-Christine . Sylvie & Paul . Vever. Marc.

Our values

Nostra Mar means ‘our sea’ in Catalan. It reminds us of the access to the sea for all and the protection of the marine environment, which partly depends on ourselves and on our environmentally friendly choices. Nostra Mar’s key values are the following:

  • Getting to know the sea better: its inhabitants, habitats and conservation issues
  • Familiarizing with the sea: feeling at home in the sea, using all our senses (observing, feeling the contact with the water and its salty taste, etc.)
  • Respecting the sea: promoting environmentally responsible behaviors

Nostra Mar tries to be as eco-friendly as possible, meaning we take into account environmental impacts in all of our decisions (ADEME). In particular, it includes buying eco-products as much as possible and reducing water, energy and paper consumption. We would like to promote eco-friendly gestures and the best way is to apply them to ourselves first! Thus, here are some examples of the eco-friendly choices made by Nostra Mar:

  • Reducing the amount of plastic: we use reusable cups and containers, no plastic bottles
  • Cleaning equipment with a biodegradable cleaner
  • Limiting water consumption: the equipment is rinsed in a bucket rather than with a hosepipe
  • Promoting local products, such as fruit syrup from les petits fruits de Jef

We aim to improve our eco-friendly process with time…Feel free to share your ideas with us!