Reduction of plastic waste on the coast of the Pyrénées-Orientales

80% of waste at sea is land-based

The REDPLAST66 project is based on an alarming observation of the state of the coastline of the Pyrénées-Orientales (PO), in terms of quantity of plastic waste washed up on our beaches. The local association Citeco66, the CEFREM laboratory of the University of Perpignan, the engineering office Seaneo and Nostra Mar have joined forces to collect and study quantitatively and qualitatively this waste.

80% of the waste on the beaches of the Pyrénées-Orientales is plastic

This project aims to improve the state of our scientific knowledge and to propose to elected officials and to managers of protected areas some simple, pragmatic and environmentally friendly solutions to reduce this waste at sea.

This project is based on 4 actions:

  • Management and coordination of the different actions between partners and with local stakeholders
  • Citizen acquisition of scientific data on waste from the "source" (local river Têt) to the mouth, the coastal beaches of the PO and the coastal seabed
  • The development of simple, economical and respectful waste traps in the catchment basin, limiting the flow of waste to the coast
  • Dissemination of the methodology outside the PO and raising awareness of all audiences

Nostra Mar is in charge of underwater scientific monitoring of waste at two sites along the coast, as well as raising public awareness.